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The objective of the 2nd EWCHP workshop is to provide a forum for scientists, conservators, owners of cultural heritage structures and other experts and stakeholders who are involved in cultural heritage preservation. The focus will be in the field of museum objects and historic structures and their conservation and preservation. The workshop integrates European activities and initiatives capturing the current state-of-the-art in research and development. It will show latest results from national funded project and EU funded projects like MEMORI, Climate for Culture, NANOMATCH, 3ENCULT, TEACH, and SMooHS. In addition other projects related to the topics presented below will be presented.



·           Assessment of the impact of indoor environments on movable cultural heritage objects (damage effects, prediction models, preventive measures and mitigation strategies).

·           Determination and assessment of the impact of climate change on cultural heritage objects (climate evolution scenarios, prediction models, preventive measures and mitigation strategies).

·           Monitoring methods and technologies including non-destructive and minimal-invasive test methods for the evaluation and assessment of movable heritage objects and historic structures.

·           Simulation and modeling tools for indoor movable heritage objects and historic buildings and building materials (models for deterioration processes, environmental impact and assessed tolerable doses).

·           Tools and strategies for enhanced management, conservation, preservation and maintenance of cultural heritage structures.

·           Case studies on preservation and conservation methods and techniques applied to historic buildings

·           Energy efficiency in cultural heritage buildings, adaptation and mitigation strategies.




Call for Abstracts
Abstracts of maximum 300 words (pdf or doc format) Please use the abstract template.  The abstract should be submitted to the following email:
ewchp@nilu.no  before 16th April, 2012.

You will be notified if your abstract will be chosen for a paper.


Papers will be peer-reviewed. All accepted papers will be published.

Please download the paper template including the information about the paper format. Papers should be submitted to ewchp@nilu.no before June 1, 2012.


Best papers will be selected for oral presentation.



During the workshop a poster session will be arranged. Papers not accepted for oral presentation can be presented as posters.

EWCHP 2012

The EWCHP-2012 Workshop and Training day is hosted by NILU, the Norwegian Institute for Air Research.

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1st Sept. 2012

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