Programme    July 10, 2020

Please download the Programme for the Conference 24-25th September including information about the  Training day on the 26th September.

Training day


In a special training day on the 26th September the participants will have the possibility to participate in one of the following workshops (duration 3-4 hours). 


Please choose the workshop you want to participate in on the registration form. The workshop you want to participate in, might be fully booked, we therefore ask you to make a second choice.

·         Management of indoor air quality by use of the MEMORI technology
Practical workshop on measurements, mitigation and preventive conservation strategy.

Organized by the MEMORI consortium

·         Energy efficiency in cultural heritage buildings

Organized by the 3ENCULT consortium

·         Constructing cultural heritage: defining, selecting and understanding

How is cultural heritage understood in society and does this affect our research perspectives?

Organized by the Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research (NIKU)

·       "Research need markets - markets need research: How to take your research products successfully to the market"  
Organized by Karin Drda-Kühn/Joachim Rix (Association Culture & Work, Berlin/Bad Mergentheim – Germany.

- The previously announced workshop on Climate change and cultural heritage has been cancelled.




EWCHP 2012

The EWCHP-2012 Workshop and Training day is hosted by NILU, the Norwegian Institute for Air Research.

New deadline for registration: 
1st Sept. 2012

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